As well all know washing white clothes can be a bit of a hassle. And many of us may not know the proper methods that we should use to make sure our white clothes stay as white as possible. Bellow will be a few quick tips that may help you in maintaining those white clothes as white as possible.

Keeping White Clothes White
The very first thing about keeping all white clothes from losing their color would be to be sure to properly separate all your colored clothes from the whites. Additionally, you must make sure that if you are washing heavily soiled items, you are sure to add enough detergent to properly get rid of all the dirt, so that they don’t otherwise damage the rest of the load.

Washing Your Whites
The best way to wash your white clothes so that they keep their brilliance would be by washing them in the hottest water possible. Additionally, try to use a detergent with a bleach alternative. Furthermore, the detergent’s cleaning power can be boosted by adding a laundry booster like Borax, oxygen bleach, or washing soda. Lastly, it is recommended that the heavily soiled whites be soaked in an enzyme detergent or oxygen bleach. One could also opt to wash them separately.

Treating Stains
Greasy stains can be pretreated by applying liquid detergent, dishwashing liquid, or shampoo to the area and rubbing the liquid into the fabric with a brush.
With colored stains, it is recommendable to apply undiluted bleach directly to the fabric right before laundering.
As a personal tip: I have experienced that the Shout® Triple-Acting Stain Remover works wonders when it comes to removing any stains from white clothes. It is recommended to let it soak in for a couple of minutes before proceeding to wash.

  •  It should be noted that it is recommended to always take care of any stain as soon as possible. The less time the fabric has to soak up the stain, the better.