We have all been there. It’s our first time doing laundry and we’re completely lost about how to start. And that’s perfectly okay, we are here to help. Thankfully for us all, most machines tend to share many consistencies. So, let us take a moment to check out the most common symbols you’ll find on a washing machine and their meaning.

Wash Setting Options
You may first notice several dials on the control panel:

  • The largest dial will be for your wash type setting. Here you will be given options for different types of fabrics (cotton, colors, synthetics, sports, wool, etc.)
  • Another dial may be there so that you can adjust the wash temperature.
  • If there is a third dial, it will be there to control the drying spin cycle in terms of dryness or the amount of time you want your clothes to tumble. It is of the utmost importance to choose this according to the types of fabrics you are washing.

The symbols around the dials will match the list of options on the panel. Simply pick which wash cycle suits the load, add your detergent, and press start.
However, sometimes washers are a bit more self-explanatory, and they have buttons and options on the dial/s that directly tell what settings you are adjusting. Additionally, washers usually have timers that tell you how long it will take for the load to be fully clean and ready to go in the dryer.

Symbols on Detergent Drawers

In the detergent drawer, you will need to place in your detergent, fabric softener, and pre-wash before pressing start.

The symbols in these compartments usually mean as follows:

  • I – pre-wash
  • II – main wash
  • Flower symbol – fabric softener

This has been a general guide on the options and symbols found in a washing machine. However, it is wise to read the manual or guide of said machine, to assure that you are using your machine as effectively as possible.